The MediaWiki Enterprise Distribution

Find everything immediately. Update knowledge faster: BlueSpice is the enterprise distribution of the famous Wikipedia software MediaWiki. Working with BlueSpice is as simple and uncomplicated as you would expect from wikis and meet the most demanding requirements.

Add user-friendly extensions to MediaWiki and make your administrators’ lives easier. An appealing design is included!


BlueSpice free

BlueSpice free is the gratis version for an entry level solution for businesses. It provides a functional added value for wiki admins and users.

Download this basic BlueSpice version on sourceforge for free.

BlueSpice pro

BlueSpice pro is the business-critical solution with comprehensive functionalities, a growing number of available extensions and long-term support – updates and patches are also included.

For companies and public institutions.

BlueSpice farm

BlueSpice farm is the scalable solution for creating and managing multiple wikis on one server.

For companies and public institutions that need open source software and focus on scaling and internationalization.

The creation of BlueSpice’s website in English was funded by the EFRE in order to
expand the company’s internationalization and enter the U.S. market.