We work on the knowledge stores of our future

Hallo Welt! was founded to make the technology and concept of Wikipedia applicable for professional usage.

Since 2007 we build collaborative platforms of knowledge for organisations – especially solutions for knowledge management, online documentation and quality management.

In cooperation with our clients and partners we continuously develop wiki technology and evolve new areas of application.

Open Source Technology

Hallo Welt! counts on open source softwares and belongs to one of the leading suppliers and consultants worldwide for MediaWiki.

Hallo Welt! is the company behind the MediaWiki Enterprise Distribution BlueSpice, which is spread in over 160 countries with more than 70.000 Downloads.

Hallo Welt! - Hello World!

Almost any programming class starts with a program that displays “Hello World!” (German: Hallo Welt!). It’s also platforms or blogs in the web which welcome their participants that way. “Hello World!” conveys the following: We’ve made it. We got over the first barriers. Let’s get started. We are able to communicate with each other and we have the necessary technology under control.


By launching bluepedia, the company-wide wiki of IBM Germany, Hallo Welt! started with a successful project. Today, the company is one of the top addresses for any questions about wikis, blogs and social networks.

2017The Hallo Welt! GmbH celebrates its 10 years anniversary.
2015The product BlueSpice changes over to a new subscription model.
2013Launch of BlueSpice 2.
2012Lobbypedia gets the Grimme Online Award. First international Project with the webplatform (w3c).
2011First release of the free enterprise-wiki-distribution BlueSpice for MediaWiki.
2009Expansion of the fields to social networks, blogs and strategical software consulting.
2008Development of the first standardized enterprise-solution for MediaWiki.
2007Foundation of Hallo Welt! to realize the first projects of major customers: bluepedia, the company-wide wiki of IBM Germany and the
Helpdesk-Wiki of HUK-Coburg.